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Plastic Bottles, White HDPE Powder Style w/ White Twist Top Sifter Caps

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The white HDPE powder style bottles are available in various sizes; 30 cc, 3 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8 oz. These white cylinder bottles are offered with white polyethylene twist top sifter caps making for easy dispensing of powder type products. Try adding a shrink band to these bottles offering your customers a tamper evident container.
Bottle Size Comparison Info Bottle Size Comparison Info

    Stock #+   Size            Hgt   Dia   Neck Finish      Case Pk   Price/Cs   Qty   Add-ons 
   0088-01   30 cc         53 mm  37 mm 33 mm    48/bag   $17.28  Shrink Bands       
   0088-03   3 oz         86 mm  39 mm 33 mm    48/bag   $22.08                
   0088-05   4 oz          122 mm  42 mm 33 mm    24/bag   $11.28                
   0088-07   6 oz          127 mm  50 mm 43/2030    24/bag   $16.08                
   0088-09   8 oz          151 mm  51 mm 43/2030    12/bag   $6.96                

White Plastic Bottles Only (Bulk)

White HDPE Powder Bottles (Bulk) Caps NOT Included
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Purchase any of the HDPE powder style plastic bottles in bulk quantities and save by only paying wholesale prices. Add items to your shopping cart below, and select 'Add-Ons' to choose a compatible closure.

    Stock #+   Size            Hgt   Dia      Cap Code   Case Pk   Price/Cs   Qty   Add-ons 
   00880010.01S   30 cc          51 mm  37 mm   J2  1725/cs   $293.25  Add-onsShrink Bands       
   00880030.02S   3 oz         83 mm  39 mm   J2  850/cs   $161.50  Add-ons              
   00880040.02S   4 oz          118 mm  42 mm   J2  500/cs   $110.00  Add-ons              
   00880060.02S   6 oz         124 mm  50 mm   M4  325/cs   $91.00  Add-ons              
 00880080.03S   8 oz         149 mm  51 mm   M4  285/cs    $99.75     $82.65   Add-ons              

Other Options
White HDPE Powder Bottles (Bulk) Caps NOT Included
White HDPE Powder Bottles (Bulk) Caps NOT Included
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Thursday 18 September, 2014